Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI

Contact: Janet Johnson
DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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Dayton Ridge Farm ~ DRF Twilight
Currently (October, 2017) Twilight's under saddle training continues with Mary
Skarsten of
Rein Dance Farm. Twilight is coming along quite nicely. She continues
to progress in both her flat work and over fences. She has been carrying students of
varying levels around small courses in lessons and the show ring.
Twilight cleaned up at the Rein Dance Farm Spring Schooling show! :)
Big bodied, fluent gaits, & topped with a great mind! These traits are consistent
with all of Triton's offspring & Twilight will not disappoint.
Especially suited for an older child or smaller adult, she is ready, willing and able
to do the job! If you are looking for a prospect to bring along, please inquire
Twilight is a Custusha's Cashel Rock Grand daughter. Pedigree
She was Site Champion at her American Warmblood inspection. She is Registered
ACPS 1/2 Bred. Registered, Inspected & Branded American Warm Blood Registry.
Lifetime USEF #. Dam - 15.2hh, Sire - 14.3hh. (May 2015 15.1 1/2hh)
DRF Twilight: 2011 Connemara/Thoroughbred filly by Skyview's Triton.
A Special Thank you to
Hoofprint's Across the Soul Photography
for the current photo's and video of Twilight!
September 2017 Schooling Video
October 2016 Schooling Video
Twilight July 2016 Video
Many more older video's of Twilight on my
youtube channel.
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